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unique bods

As you know, all of our products are hand poured, which means all of our candles are unique. Just like humans, none are completely perfect, but our ‘unique bods’ have slightly more imperfections than most of their pals ✨

Why do we hold on to our ‘unique collection’ I hear you ask?!

Because throwing them away goes against what we stand for... these unique bods deserve a loving home and we’d hate to see them go to waste. In retail this is often the case... SO much imperfect stock will be thrown away or discarded by brands across the globe 🌎 BUT... we want every DAiLY product to have it’s opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face 🥰 (burn time 1 hour)

 *please note that images shown are examples of the type of imperfection that the bods have - they aren't the actual bod that you will receive*

wanna know more?


pluto/saturn - 10cm x 4.5cm

neptune - 10cm x 6cm


pluto/saturn - 85g

neptune - 130g


🌿our postal boxes are recycled & recyclable
🌿our labels are biodegradable
🌿our protective paper is 100% recyclable & biodegradable


💫 wax; vegetable blend

yep, high quality ingredients and nothing else


these unique bods are discounted because they have cosmetic imperfections like small marks, speckles or chips! 💫  as these vary dramatically you can only choose body shape & colour... the rest will be a surprise!

flame safety🔥

  • never leave your flame unattended
  • always burn your flame upright and secure in a heat resistant container and on a non-marking surface
  • burn your flame out of the reach of children or pets
  • always leave at least 10cms between burning flames
  • do not burn your flame on or near anything that can catch fire
  • find more info on caring for your flame on our website!