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'The Dorothy, Blanche, Rose & Sophia'

say hello to 'clink clink'; our collection of hand painted, up-cycled glasses 💫

this collection is designed to celebrate the reconnection of friendships this summer; pouring, sharing and listening with those besties you've been longing to catch up with✨

put on the outfit you've been saving, pour your fav drink with your fav people and clink ya new glasses to finally reuniting with your loved ones 💗

wanna know more?

dimensions: 19.5cm tall, 6.5cm wide


🌿our postal boxes are recycled & recyclable
🌿our labels are biodegradable
🌿our protective paper is 100% recyclable & biodegradable


colours may vary slightly from the images

where all glasses are hand painted and up-cycled, please note that some may have cosmetic imperfections like small marks, or speckles 

looking after your glass🍸

  • when your glass gets to you, hand wash it before use 
  • hand wash only - do not put this item in the dishwasher
  • try to avoid washing directly over the painted areas 


* all glasses orders will be posted out on thursday 20th may *