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surge reed diffuser

for that invigorating energy boost in the morning or during that tricky afternoon lull - a complimenting blend of geranium, eucalyptus and orange designed to help you focus and make the most of the day šŸŒžĀ 

wanna know more?

comes with:

šŸ’«Ā 1 x 100ml bottle of essential oil blendĀ 
šŸ’« 1 x recycled glass bottle (natural or pink)
šŸ’« 8 x natural fibre reedsĀ 

100ml 3.5oz

Ā packaging:

šŸŒæour postal boxes are recycled & recyclable
šŸŒæour labels are biodegradable
šŸŒæour protective paper is 100% recyclable & biodegradable


šŸ’« oils;Ā essential oil blend; vegan and cruelty freeĀ 
šŸ’«Ā natural fibre reedsĀ 
šŸ’«Ā scent;Ā geranium, eucalyptus & orangeĀ 

yep, high quality ingredients andĀ nothing else

Ā diffuserĀ instructions + safetyšŸ”„

  • unscrew the bottle of liquid and carefully pour the liquid in to the recycled jar
  • allow the reeds to soak up the fragrance; for a stronger aroma, use all the reeds providedĀ 
  • carefully rotate the reeds on a regular basis to maximise the fragranceĀ 
  • always wash your hands if you come into contact with the oilsĀ 
  • always place on a flat, stable surfaceĀ 
  • do not allow oil to come in to contact with waxed, polished, synthetic surfaces or fabrics; oil may cause stainingĀ