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Our commitment:


🌱 Plant a tree with every order
♻️ All of our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable or reusable
🌎 Offset our employee carbon each month
🌳 Search for suppliers and third party providers with similar values to us
We take our commitment to the environment very seriously, which is why we decided from the very beginning to plant a tree for every single order that is placed 🌳

6 months after launch we had removed 17 tonnes of CO2, prevented 1,200 plastic bottles from entering the ocean 🌊 and planted 789 trees 🍃

A few examples below of what our (after our first 6 months in existence) translates to;

🥤 48,000 straws worth of plastic removed from landfill
✈️ 18.3 round trip flights from London to Los Angeles worth of carbon saved
☕️ 6,000 disposable coffee cups worth of plastic saved from landfill
🚘 42.276.2 miles driven in the average car worth of CO2 removed

We are definitely not perfect and we are always striving to do better, but we are super excited to see the positive impact we are having and we can’t wait to see how much more we can do together ✨💗