earth-first scented flames

our story

our story

flumi is our lockdown baby 👶 we’ve been best mates and housemates for almost ten years now and we launched flumi in october 2020 bc we we couldn’t find high quality, affordable scented flames that tick all of our boxes - vegan, cruelty-free, gmo free and earth-first (no plastic packaging pls) 🤚 within the first month we were up through the night to hand pour and set enough flames (with just one mould!!) to supply demand 🥵✨ ppl loved our designs bc they were unique, playful and look great on your shelves, exactly what you need when the world can feel a little scary sometimes

now we're both full-time flumi...aka full steam ahead on our mission to clean up the scented flame space for good… watch this space 👀

ps. tysm for your support (we are srsly living our dream) 🥺💘

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